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Cemeteries in Douglas County

Douglas County has many cemeteries for families to choose between. Used for burial or cremation, cemeteries are often considered a final resting spot. They provide a place for future generations to reflect and pay tribute, and can become an ever-lasting memorial to the life lived. With so many options, let us look at what makes each cemetery different.

There are three items to consider: price, condition, and location. With price, cemeteries are either community (civically) owned, privately owned, or government owned. Each type varies widely in pricing, which could play a role in the overall condition of the cemetery.  With condition, each cemetery has a unique character, which might be a factor in your choice. From country cemeteries where maintenance is lovingly performed by volunteers, to the meticulously maintained National Cemetery in Roseburg, there are many atmospheres to choose from. With location, depending on where you live in the county, there might be a local cemetery that services your area.

There are also cemeteries that are open to anyone who wants to use them. It is important in the decision-making process to start by getting to know the pricing, the condition, and the owner of the cemetery beforehand, so there are no surprises. By walking the grounds and talking with the cemetery representative, you can learn more about the rules and overall requirements in the cemetery you are considering. Many of these cemeteries are run by volunteers who give their time and talents to provide a respectful resting spot for our families and neighbors. Knowing your loved one will be at peace will help bring serenity to all.

For any questions on which cemetery might be right for you, visit your trusted funeral establishment. Your funeral director is a dependable resource for all your funeral needs from the very start.

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