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Death Outside the Area

When a death occurs in another city, state, or even another country, people wonder what they should do. Often panic sets in as questions begin to rise. But the process is really quite simple.  

First, make sure your loved one is properly cared for and moved into a holding facility.  Then, call your trusted funeral director.  They will be your best resource to help you with all the upcoming choices.  Funeral directors work well together and can make this difficult time easier for the family as they handle the logistics and details of the transfer.  In fact, collaborating with your area’s local funeral home will often times be less expensive than using one from where the death happens.

If the death occurs outside of the country, there will be added paperwork that your local funeral director will also know how to complete in order to bring your loved one back into the U.S.A. Whatever the distance of the transportation, you will first need to sign and often notarize documents before the process can be started. Several local funeral directors have also worked out of state before and are therefore familiar with the laws and regulations in those states. Additionally, they will know about the insurance policies that are often times available in handling the expense of out-of-area death.  After the initial paperwork is filed, you will then have the freedom to choose where and when you would like the service or gathering to happen.   

Finding a funeral establishment you trust will help relieve a great deal of stress in the days to come.  It is important to find someone you feel will support you in all your personal preferences.  Calling around to find the one that best suits you is highly recommended.  You always have a choice in funeral directors.

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