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Medical Body Donation

The preparedness of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals relies on body donations. Additionally, medical product companies and medical practitioners use them for testing and research. These bodies, donated by families for the sole purpose of education, help to train those who save lives. Most religious groups recognize these humanitarian benefits and allow their members to donate their bodies for medical purposes. It is a gift that provides a lasting impact, affects future generations, and frequently brings people to wonder about the process of donation and the costs associated.

First, there are two types of body donation programs available to residents of Douglas County: medical school and whole body donation. Medical School donations use the body to teach future medical providers and allow hands-on training in the classroom. There, the body will be used for at least a year before being cremated and returned to the family. Currently in Oregon, there are two schools which allow this type of donation: one in Lebanon and the other in the Portland area. Comparatively, whole body donation aids in continuing education, testing, and research.  There, the body is used for weeks before being cremated and returned to the family.

For both programs, cremation is paid for by the group. Other costs may incur, like transportation or death certificates, but vary depending on which type of donation you choose. It is important to be aware that with both options medical condition is a factor in the acceptance of the donation. Educating yourself and family on your choices is essential before giving consent.

Body donation is a very private and personal decision that should only be made after knowing all the facts. If you are considering this life-changing decision, your trusted funeral director is able to offer unbiased guidance as you weigh your options.
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