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Natural Funerals

Ecological-minded funeral, cremation, and burial arrangements are often misunderstood.  Can they be done?  Are they affordable?  Are they truly good for the planet?  Are they available to everyone?  The answer to these questions is: Yes.  But what does that mean exactly?  

Environmentally-friendly arrangements provide the opportunity to be a good steward of all that we have on this earth.  There are many caskets and urns made from wood, fiber, and cloth. Most of the time, local craftsman make and sell these items which even allow you to buy local, reusable products. Aside from merchandise, it also includes having viewings at home or the funeral establishment without embalming. Often people believe that embalming is required, but in reality Oregon law allows viewings to be held for unembalmed remains with certain conditions. You also have options of whether you would like the remains to be buried on your own land, in a dedicated cemetery, or even other places like at sea. If you do want to have a burial in a place other than a cemetery it is wise to talk with a local funeral establishment in advance.

Once you have made a choice for natural burial you will need to find a professional that will support you on your path.  There is an organization in Oregon, called Natural End, where funeral directors join their pledge to provide natural burial and funeral arrangement options.  Saying that they provide this service is not enough.  If a funeral establishment is truly committed, you will see their name among the local Natural End service providers on the website  When making a choice in funeral arrangements remember that education is important.  Take time to call and ask what services your local funeral director provides to help make this journey easier for you and your family.
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