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Options with Cremations

Many people are confused by the method of, and options with, cremations.  In reality, cremation provides as many possibilities as burials.  For example, did you know that some funeral establishments offer to place a flag with the body during the cremation process as a tribute to Veterans? Understandably, cremation has a few religious restrictions, but they are common practice. Most importantly, cremation is a personal choice and one that can be customized to honor a life lived.  

Talking in advance with family members can help to ensure everyone is thinking along the same lines.  Is a traditional viewing desired beforehand?  Would it include just the family or also the public?  A viewing can be very helpful in providing people the chance to acknowledge the loss of someone they love.   Memorials are also a great time for sharing memories and saying goodbye before, during, or after the viewing.  Gatherings are essential during the grieving process as they provide support and healing.  For current and future generations, a final tribute can also offer a comforting place to remember, reflect, and recall the impact of the life of the honoree.  Whether in a formal cemetery, at the family property, or even inside the family home, final tributes offer an infinite number of choices and provide yet another way to further personalize your memorial.  A cremation urn is just one such option and comes in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Some families prefer small urns for guests to take with them, while others opt for one unique urn inside the family home. 

With so many choices available in cremation, it is important to understand all the possibilities offered by your preferred funeral establishment.  Finding clarity throughout the process can help you to make confident decisions and bring peace to all for years to come.
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