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Plan Ahead Overview

Plan, Gather, Create.

We at Umpqua Valley Funeral Directors strive to support all families throughout the entire bereavement process. As a full-service funeral home, we are dedicated to providing the information necessary to plan the path for remembrance, make arrangements to gather and reflect, and offer suggestions to create an everlasting tribute. This simple three-fold process is the cornerstone to inviting the healing and grief-support crucial during such a difficult transition. Whether it is us, or the loved ones we leave behind, we all must navigate this journey at some point in time. Umpqua Valley Funeral Directors is here for you, to walk with you at every step, and offer peace of mind.

Plan -From the first call we receive, we begin the process. We sit down with the family to lay out and plan personalized arrangements. Together we tackle the first steps to compile the information for the legal documents and prepare an obituary for publication on our website and in newspapers. Our main focus is to help provide the options in a clear format, so choices can be made easily and knowledgeably, and more time can be allotted for remembrance and love.

Gather - Talking and sharing stories helps to heal the heart. It is essential to take time to gather with others, either in the formal environment of a church or community hall or an informal assembly at a home or a park. Gathering is restorative and helps to release the grief that may be holding tight to the past or the present. Our many local contacts are ready to open their doors for such events, at our request.

Create - Once the service has concluded, it is important to create an everlasting tribute. Creating a tribute provides a safe haven for yourself, family, or friends in the days and months following the death. Whether a picture in the home, an urn, or a marker in the cemetery or a home garden, a place of recognition encourages healing, and honors a life lived through remembrance and reflection.

Our staff at Umpqua Valley Funeral Directors is available to help, or answer any questions, any time you need. 

Please call us.

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