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Union and Employer Death Benefits

When a person passes away, one of the most difficult questions a family faces is how to pay for the arrangements. Those who are left behind want to honor the wishes of their loved one, but would also like to stay within a budget.  Although it sometimes seems impossible to accomplish both, there are options.  

Funding arrangements can be achieved using methods that include cash, check, credit card, and insurance. In some cases, depending on the employer, death benefits might even be available. For example, the main employer in Douglas County who typically offers death benefits is Roseburg Forest Products, through the Union Local 2949, the Lumber and Sawmill Union. They also have death benefits available that pay for a spouse‚Äôs arrangements, if the member is still alive.  As of 2015, a current dues-paying union member was awarded $4,000.  Many members voluntarily participate in this death-benefit option, but talking to your local union office can help you further consider your personal choices.  Some other employers, including the Federal Government, might also offer assistance. Federal Government aid comes in the form of an insurance policy and may be available for retired workers.

Fundamentally, it is essential that everyone speak to their union officials or employer to understand the insurance-policy benefits available to them.  Especially if you are nearing retirement, it is important to ensure now that the benefits are in force when you need them.  Pre-planning arrangements can relieve a huge burden from your family, as can the funding choices you have made.  When the policies are current and the decisions in place, families can then focus on the tribute, rather than their finances.  

Talk to your local funeral director to find out more.  They are prepared to help research and navigate the options available to both you and your family. 
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Union and Employer Death Benefits

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