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Loss of a Pet

Animals are a huge part of our families.  They are integral in our daily lives.  No matter how large or small, we love them like we do any of our family members.  And just like with any of our loved ones, we want to make sure their lives are honored after they are no longer with us.  

When your pet passes, there are many ways you can decide to pay tribute to them.  To start, you can choose to bury them on your property or have them cremated by the local Roseburg Pet Crematory. Advice by a funeral director can help you make a choice that brings peace of mind and comfort during your time of grief.

Once you have decided between burial and cremation you can then freely think of a way to honor your loving pet’s memory. Your local funeral establishment is a good source for urns and grave markers designed specifically for pets. With many different urns to choose from, you can create a lasting tribute befitting of your beloved pet.  

In addition, grave markers help to commemorate the life lived and can be personalized however you want. For children who have also loved the pet, it is beneficial to invite them to be part of the planning and production of these ceremonies too. As for all, grief healing can be achieved through doing and the child’s involvement can bring them great closure and resolution.  

It is important to understand that pet grief requires the same healing process that any type of grief does.  So remember to also take care of your emotional, physical, and spiritual needs as you celebrate the life of your beloved companion. Talk to your trusted funeral director for more information.  They should be able to meet the needs of your whole family.
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