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Pre-planning of Arrangements

Most activities we do in life involve advance planning.  From our vacations to grocery shopping, we plan where to stop and what to do.  Funeral arrangements should be no exception.  

It is difficult to think of your own passing, but it is an important step in the process. It lets your loved ones know of your preferences.  Taking time to explore your choices now avoids future grief.  It also provides you the opportunity to meet with your chosen funeral home, to understand your options and their unique offerings.  

To start the planning process, visit your funeral director for a free pre-planning booklet.  You can fill it out in their office or your own home.  This simple guide provides your survivors with the information necessary for legal documents and the obituary.   It also records exactly how you would like friends and family to gather in your name.  Your completion of this booklet lessens the confusion of your passing and creates a lasting tribute that honors your memory.  In addition, it provides you the opportunity to review the costs of your choices in advance and plan for them.  

If you decide to pre-fund your arrangements, make sure you understand all your rights within that plan.  It is also important to make several copies of the booklet and to keep a copy with your preferred funeral provider.  Placing one in a safe deposit box will not ensure that your wishes are implemented.

Remember, you always have a choice in funeral providers and can switch at any time.  Even if you have pre-paid, your family can transfer the policy to another establishment at no extra cost.  Plan the details now.  Gather your thoughts and information together.   Create the tribute you envision.  Funeral directors are ready to help you ease the grieving process for all. 

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Pre-planning of Arrangements

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