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Life has so much to offer today that it's difficult to imagine a day where we won't be laughing, loving, playing, and sharing with our friends and loved ones. Inevitably, though, that day comes for all of us to leave this life. We at Umpqua Valley Funeral Directors believe the best gift you can give the people you love when that day arrives is the good memories of you, not the stress of having to make and pay for your funeral arrangements.

We are proud to offer you two simple prearrangement options. In the first, you can prepay and thereby guarantee that the cost will never increase. Rest assured, that ours or any prearrangement plan with any funeral home is fully transferable throughout the United States or Canada, should you relocate. In the second, you can record your wishes without any advanced payment. With this option, your file is kept in our office and your family can learn of your wishes without the stress, anxiety or confusion of arranging from scratch .

Just think, in only one hour, you and your loved ones could have the peace of mind, knowing that everything is taken care of for the day that you leave. With these preparations, you can make your funeral a tribute to the people you love, as well as to the life you lived, and with every detail exactly the way you want it.

So, give your family the best, last gift. Pre-plan today.

Contact us to request your free pre-need planner for an easy guide to peace of mind.

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